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If you want to see and compare the final products to the initial view of the work we deliver have a look below. Would you like to see your home transformed in the same way? Give us a call today!




This is a ceiling at two levels with hidden lighting. It is possible to match with other ornaments as well as different colours. Most suited for a bedroom or teenage girls rooms.

This design is appropriate for large contemporary living spaces, shopping centre's,restaurants,pubs,bars and other.

This levelled geometrical figure is adaptable in shapes and colour. It could be a perfect finish to a classic room with standard proportions.

This futuristic outline is great in lounges.Again we have two levels and discreet lighting that conveys both a modern style and comfort throughout your home.

Another innovative design that could be adapted to suit your living room or open plan kitchen.The spot lights amplify the effects of the shapes and create a pleasant dimmed atmosphere for you to relax in.